There are several types of locations and resorts to meet your wants, whether you like to solo travel or you’re planning a vacation with your kids. While some resorts are not too kid-friendly, others are designed specifically with kids in mind across the globe. These amusement parks and entertainment resorts are some of the most thrilling, beautiful, and fun locations to visit on a family holiday. 

If you love to explore places and have fun while traveling, it is good to know that having kids doesn’t stop you from doing what you love. You can enjoy the fun and experience with your kids, but you must ensure to make provisions for them to enjoy the holiday. The best way to do this is to settle at a resort with provisions for kids. A good family resort covers your basic needs, from food to lots of drinks and entertainment for adults and kids. 

You’re probably wondering what the best entertainment resorts for kids are, where they are, or how to find them. You don’t have to bother yourself with that. We’ve done the hard part for you and have created our list of the top 5 entertainment resorts for kids. 

1. Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort and Spa – Mexico

This is a stand-out kids-friendly resort in Mexico. It includes several amenities such as 19 bars for parents, seven restaurants, three freshwater swimming pools (one for the families), a water park, and 670 accommodation suites. It also hosts a family selection service, a daily program with age-related clubs and activities. For example, ages 1-3 is the baby club, 4-12 is the kids’ club, and the teen club is for 13 and above. 

Families may enjoy the separate pools, arts and crafts activities, specially reserved beach areas, private bar and restaurant, etc. The resort also provides several treats for kids, such as in-suite cookies, mini bathrobes, slippers, milk turndown service, water toys, etc. There are also several canals for the little ones to enjoy boat cruises. 

2. All-Inclusive Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This is an all-inclusive, family-friendly, and luxury resort in Mexico. It’s like an oasis bound to wow you and your family. Your vacation starts from the road leading up to this resort with some of the most stunning road views through the Yucatan jungle. This resort offers you everything you need for a proper vacation, from family adventures to relaxation, romance, and delicious meals. The luxurious experience you’re getting from this resort is one you probably haven’t experienced elsewhere before. 

You can enjoy the swimming pool with your kids while sipping cocktails. You can stare into the turquoise sea, build your paradise on the beach, surround yourself with the green jungles in a beautiful pool, etc. While relaxing, you’ll enjoy the natural harmony in nature’s beauty. 

The decadent and delicious food options at this resort are also impressive. The foods are made from fresh ingredients so that even picky eaters are appeased. Since you’re traveling with your kids, you can be sure that you’ll need the many options on the food menu. There are different restaurants that you can choose from. There’s the French restaurant, Italian, Mexican, and Asian fusion restaurants. And each of these restaurants offered wonderful food and service, with a lovely setting. 

3. Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences – Los Cabos

As a guest at the Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences, there is a seemingly endless range of activities that you’re treated to. It’s extremely kid-friendly, and kids from 2 years old can enjoy these activities, such as ATV riding, horseback riding, water sports, sailing, etc. Apart from these endless activities, though, the major selling point of this resort is its excellent amenities and services and super-friendly and efficient staff. You’ll find the concierge very helpful as they happily schedule your activities, which proves the staff's willingness to go the extra mile to enjoy your vacation. 

Several activities at this resort that your young ones will find delightful, including a bicycle tour for the family, a golf-cart ride around the grounds, and themed nights with water, fire, and circus shows. The resort recently launched its kids’ club with several other activities, such as Spanish lessons, mixology classes, volleyball, ping pong, and sports tournaments involving different families. 

It provides neat and comfortable accommodation for families to enjoy, chief of which is the luxury villa and comfortable suites with kitchenettes. 

4. All-inclusive Grand Bahia Principe Hotel in Runaway Bay, Jamaica

This resort in Jamaica is also one of the best locations for family vacations that you’ll come across. There are many reasons to check out this resort:

  • It has very affordable rooms
  • Varied cuisines (including Jamaican, French, Japanese, and Italian dishes)
  • Complimentary cocktails
  • Several enjoyable family activities 

You can set up your dinner reservation throughout your stay at this hotel from the first day by speaking to the concierge. So you have one less thing to worry about, and your stay is more enjoyable. In addition, there’s a snack bar at the resort where you can pick up lunch from the traditional Jamaican dishes, like jerk chicken and fresh seafood. 

This resort has a kids club where you can drop off your kids and spend some alone time with your partner. You can be sure that your kids would have fun with the numerous activities at the club, such as fishing, cooking classes, bracelet-making, etc. 

After dinner, you could also get treated to several entertainment options to make your night fun-filled and enjoyable. 

5. The Tyler Place Family Resort – Swanton, VT

From the name, you can tell that it’s a kid-friendly family resort, and it lives up to the billing. This resort is one of the best vacation locations for kids and toddlers. It occupies 165 acres of land on Vermont’s Lake. It has all the features of the best vacation spots anywhere globally, considering its world-class accommodation and numerous toddler-friendly amenities. 

The resort has cottages where families can enjoy their stay comfortably, and they all have full kitchens so you can cater to the different hunger schedules. There are also numerous family-friendly amenities and activities that guests can enjoy. The kids can have fun in the pool and the cute pony pasture. It’s also possible to rent bikes (with helmets, children’s seats, and bike trailers) as a family unit to explore the surroundings of beautiful Vermont. 

You can also participate in several activities like climbing walls, mini-golf, lawn games, great kids’ club, and fishing, with the last two being the resort’s main attractions. In addition, the kids’ club holds an all-inclusive toddler program with fun activities, a napping spot, and three fresh meals, while the resort ensures that even two-year-olds will come back with a catch during the fishing program. 


While there are several resorts in different parts of the world capable of offering you what you want, we’ve taken the time to break them down into a list of five. With these five, you’re having fun and enjoying your holiday with your kids. 

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